BOCA RATON: (561)394-6085

     LAKE WORTH: (561)964-0023

We encourage you to choose in-store pick-up instead of shipping as this will save you time and money.

You will receive two emails after placing your order.  The first is merely an order acknowledgement, to let you know your order was received.  The second will confirm that your order is ready for pick-up or has been shipped.  Please note that, while our goal is to process your order as quickly as possible, we may take up to two business days, especially if items on your order need to come from more than one store.  Please do not try to pick up your books after the order acknowledgement; wait until the second (confirmation) email to notify you that your order is ready.

Please be aware that an order placed online to be shipped will take two business days to process and then up to three days for you to receive from USPS (and that is for an address in Florida).

For example, if you place an online order on Monday, it will be ready to ship by Wednesday afternoon.  You will probably receive your shipment from USPS on Thursday.

If you place an order on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday it will be ready by Tuesday afternoon to ship and you will probably receive your shipment from USPS on Wednesday.

Whether you pick up your books in-store or have them shipped to you, if you find that you must return something, you must  make your return by the refund deadline in person or postmarked by that date.  Books returned after the refund period will not be accepted.  After the refund deadline books are not returnable for refund, credit, or exchange.   Please see our returns policy for more information.